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Not so long ago, photos of marine animals tangled in garbage
circulated the global media – turtles with pierced plastic straws among others.

This sad sight is a message from Mother Earth:
Please, stop it, before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the fact is
that most of us have, in one way or another, contributed to this tragic situation during our lifetime.
The question is: what will we do now to fix our mistake?

Fortunately for us all, many good people from local
governments all over the world have quickly taken the
first step towards improving the situation by limiting it
or completely prohibiting the use of plastic straws.
We, too, couldn’t pass by it indifferently.

Pleased to invite you to a group of friends of the environment,
we present you the natural, rice straws – EcoRizoStraws.


Eat a straw!

EcoRizoStraws is a product  that is completely safe for
the environment. In our straws, you will only find natural ingredients: rice flour, tapioca and natural dyes – carrot, beetroot, spinach and sesame. This combination made EcoRizoStraws straws qualified as food product!

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Eco lovers.

EcoRizoStraws are 100% biodegradable and compostable.
After use, you can pass the straws directly to the hands of Mother Earth – after decomposition in the home composter they will be suitable for fertilising the soil.
Of course, you can safely use EcoRizoStraws on the beach, in the
park or in the forest without fear of losing your straw and polluting.
Nature will not be offended. She will just absorb what you left behind by accident.
And if you are at the sea or lake and one of the EcoRizoStraws falls into the
water, it will quickly become food for our water friends.
Perfect situation!

Join Mother Earth’s friends and find EcoRizoStraws in our store
in your favorite color!