Innovative Biotrem technology

Innovative Biotrem technology

Biotrem’s disposable products, made from wheat bran, are an excellent alternative to any disposable tableware, i.e. made from paper
or plastic, production of which is burdensome to the environment. Our production process does not require significant amounts of water,
or mineral resources, or chemical compounds. The production technology used by Biotrem contributes to the reduction and emission of greenhouse gases.

From 1 ton of pure, edible wheat bran we can produce up to 10,000 units of plates or bowls. What’s more important, our products
are fully biodegradable – through composting – in just 30 days.


Delicatessen and premium quality make Tavola an absolute leading event.

The Tavola trade fair has no equal.  It was first set up in 1982 and since then it has created a unique niche for itself by specialising
in premium food and drinks.  Strong market leaders and small artisan producers guarantee an unusual assortment of strictly selected
delicatessen and delicious high-end products.

Thanks to the exceptional product experience and outspoken focus on new products, Tavola has succeeded in maintaining its position
as the leading event among the community of food retail, speciality outlets and catering organisations.  Making Tavola one of the most
attractive, premium quality food trade fairs in Europe.


This was Tavola 2018 – We will be happy to welcoming you at the 20th edition:
15- 16 -17 MARCH 2020 

NEW DATES  21 – 23 March 2021