We make innovative products.

Biotrem’s wheat bran tableware production process was invented by Mr. Jerzy Wysocki, whose family’s milling traditions date back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Biotrem’s modern and booming production facility offers a wide range of fully biodegradable tableware and cutlery produced from natural and edible wheat bran.


Wheat bran tableware.

The patented Biotrem technology allows to manufacture various products – mainly biodegradable disposable tableware and takeaway packaging from sustainable
organic raw materials, such as wheat bran, corn bran,
cassava by – products, seaweed.

The full standardization and reproducibility of the production process guarantees an easy and rapid
reaction to the growing market demands. Biotrem
production facility complies with the BRC Global
Standards for food production quality and safety.


Eco friendly.

Biotrem’s disposable products, made from wheat bran, are an excellent alternative to any disposable tableware, i.e. made from paper or plastic,
which production is burdensome to the environment.

Clean, environmentally friendly technological process of manufacturing of disposable wheat bran tableware is based on natural raw materials – wheat bran and small amounts of water. The rest is done by high pressure and high temperature.