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We offer innovative products of innovative producers.

bioTREND is the distributor of 100% natural and 100%
biodegradable products manufactured by Polish company BIOTREM.
We are the sole authorized representative of BIOTREM in Belgium

More information about BIOTREM’s products can be found here (in the product cards).

Own brand

We also offer rice straws under
our own brand Eco Rizo Straws.

Our straws are made of rice flour and tapioca
using natural dyes and are classified as a food
product. More information


Let's take care of our Earth together!

All our products are 100% natural, fully biodegradable and compostable.
We give you the opportunity to use Mother Earth’s goods ensuring that
she takes them back. A complete symbiosis. Do you choose our common
good or disposable plastic products?

You run a restaurant? You’re preparing an open-air party?
Or maybe you just love our Earth as we do and don’t want
to give it another plastic brick? Let me know!
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